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The Lifeblood of the New Generation Businesses

If you are here then you know how important digital marketing services are to the success of your business. Congratulations on being able to see this need – the first step in order to achieve your goals is to recognize there is a problem, and that you need professional help in fixing it.

Online Marketing in the Philippines

The Philippines has always been among the top choices when it comes to outsourcing different functions of businesses including digital marketing services, mainly because it is cost-effective – clients are getting their money’s worth, plus more.

And because of our wide experience in various industries and the diversity of our clients, we keep on learning new things, new skills, new trends, new strategies, new tools, and so on… We never stop keeping up with Google Algorithm updates and certainly, we will never stop keeping up with our clients’ competitors.

Below are just some of our service packages to choose from.

Search Engine Optimization

With SMSi, we focus our efforts in understanding the business of our clients, studying their competitors, knowing their target market, formulating effective White Hat SEO strategies, implementing  them, and adjusting if necessary in order to improve results. With a careful combination of wits, state-of-the-art tools, knowledge, accuracy, experience, and passion, our clients are able to achieve their goals and continuously survive, grow, and thrive.

Social Media Marketing

Your target market is already interacting with other brands using social media. If you’re not yet engaged in reaching out to your customers via social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you’re probably missing out. Starting a social media marketing campaign should comprise of a social strategy in mind. Here at SMSi, we help you assess whether you need to work more on content planning, improve more on how to promote your content or have a consistent brand image. Quality marketing on social media leads to results such as creating devoted brand advocates and even driving sales and leads.

Web Development and Design

There is a thin line between web development and web design. Web designers make a “picture” of how you would want your website to look like. They decide everything visual–from color schemes and patterns to consistency and balance. People are known to be visual beings and having an aesthetically remarkable layout would make them attracted to what you are about offer. On the other hand, web development brings your “picture” to life. SMSi specialists have control of codes that would make your website tick by determining how the website looks like with the web design and managing data within the database. As such, developing a captivating web design that has a profound user interface will have an outcome of better conversion rate, which results to improving business and revenue.

Virtual Assistant

Need someone who will provide support services in managing your growing business? With SMSi, we assure you quality assistance not only limited to clerical work but also in farming out Internet research on identifying potential investors, database entries, and managing e-mail. Mentioned are just a handful of what our experts offer. Aside from chopping hours from you workweek, the results of having VAs around are rewarding. Experience the increase in productivity of your business yourself!

Paid Advertising

Advertising is promoting. It is a process of how you introduce your business to potential customers in a “not-so-boring” manner. Paid advertising is a method of paying for publicity and can help spread the word of your business. If a customer is searching for a keyword that is related to your business, pay-per-click advertisements will help your website to be seen “first” on the Google results page. However, most local business owners aren’t experts in this method. Thus, we are proud to say that a lot of owners choose SMSi since we have helped countless businesses in generating huge profits by having the up-to-date tools containing resources in helping make insightful decisions in terms business promoting.

Amazon Store Management

Similar to having your own business website, Amazon Stores also give brands the ability to control their brand identity. The difference is, you are in the world’s largest online marketplace. Amazon stores have features such as: exclusive showcasing of your brand and products, page building experience, support for rich media and content, and building highly customizable pages showcasing a single or small group of products that is suitable for new launches. Managing is the challenging part but no need to worry. SMSi is envisioned not only to take part in the marketing burden but our experience and knowledge will help you broaden your brand by proposing trending marketing strategies that are beneficial in helping your numbers grow.

Lead Generation

Lead generation refers to the act of attracting significant visitors to your social page or site who then give you their information in exchange for something. This can be achieved from an email to filling out a full-fledged application. SMSi cater clients who run lead generation marketing campaigns to construct their email marketing campaigns with the purpose of converting them into customers in the course of time.

Email Marketing

94% of Internet users utilize email. Email marketing allows owners to approach a great deal of users even without the use of social media. This strategy is definitely something you should consider in order to reach a wider audience and enhance your brand’s relationship with present customers. It helps you connect with them through your promotions. You see, anyone on your email list purposefully provided you with their address because they want to be updated with more information on your brand. Another advantage of email marketing is easy access of tracking your ROI. SMSi specialists will assist you in determining who is opening your emails, who is clicking your site through emails and more through the use of email marketing software.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We can help you separate your goals from your problems so it’ll be easier to deal with them. Contact us now for a FREE consultation and website audit. No strings attached!

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Can’t find what you’re looking for? We can help you separate your goals from your problems so it’ll be easier to deal with them. Contact us now for a FREE consultation and website audit. No strings attached!

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